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With the increase in cigarette taxes and the smoking ban in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, electronic cigarette vapes are attracting attention from both smokers and nonsmokers, various restaurants and other stores, and a variety of companies. In this article, we will introduce one of the ways to enjoy vape smoking, "smoke bombing. Let's learn about smoke explosions, follow the rules, and enjoy vape to the fullest.What does "smoke explosion" in vape mean?There are many ways to enjoy vaping. Among them, you may have heard of "smoke bombing," which is often featured on video sites. Bakko-Smoke is a way of smoking a vape that produces so much smoke that the area around the vape turns completely white. It is suited for inhaling smoke directly into the lungs as if taking a deep breath (direct lunging), rather than inhaling the smoke from the mouth into the lungs little by little (mouth to lung) like a traditional cigarette. Since a large amount of water vapor is inhaled like smoking a water cigarette shisha, it is easy to feel a sense of satisfaction when inhaling. When doing "vape tricks," in which you use the exhaled vapor to imitate a tornado or dragon, it is also normal to do so with an explosive smoke.However, be aware that direct rings are likely to cause swallowing if you are not yet accustomed to using them. In particular, nicotine-containing liquids, which can be obtained by importing from overseas, must have a low nicotine concentration, or you may experience more throat irritation due to the higher than usual vapor content in direct lang.How smoke is produced in a vapeTo better enjoy the smoke explosion, let's first learn the basics of how water vapor is generated by a vape. By knowing how water vapor is generated, you will be able to know where and how to make changes to your vape to make it generate more water vapor.The following is a step-by-step explanation of how water vapor is generated. First, a scented liquid called "nicotine salt liquid" is put into the body (device). Then, electricity is sent from the battery inside the device to the coil, which is then heated. The heated coil evaporates the liquid soaked in the cotton and produces vapor.The above three steps are how a vape produces water vapor. There are various types of vape devices with different shapes and structures, but the mechanism for generating water vapor is basically the same for all of them. If you plan to use a vape for a long time, it is worth remembering the three-step vapor generation mechanism.Structure of a VapeThe word "coil" is used here because a vape is a device, and a precision device at that, it is made of several naïve parts. Broadly speaking, it consists of two elements, the atomizer and the battery (mod), and it is necessary to understand the structure of these elements in order to enjoy the explosion of smoke.AtomizerThe atomizer is the core of the vape, which heats liquid to produce vapor. It is an important element that determines the amount of vapor and flavor, and is made up of several parts. Let's take a look at the structure of each atomizer in detail.CoilThe coil is a spiral-shaped wire inside the atomizer that is heated by an electric current to vaporize the liquid. There are wicks around the coil, and the more wicks there are, the more liquid can be vaporized. Incidentally, there is a method of preventing the bounce-back of liquid called spit-back by increasing the number of wicks. This method makes it easier to smoke explosively and prevents spitback, so it is important to remember how to increase the number of wicks.As you become accustomed to vaping and enjoy smoking, be aware of the resistance value of the coil. However, coils deteriorate with continued use. They are consumable items that need to be replaced periodically, so choose coils with cost in mind.Drip tipThe drip tip is the suction opening for inhaling the vapor generated by the heating of the coil. Many people are particular about the drip tip because its shape, size, and the number of holes in it affect the flavor of the liquid and the amount of vapor produced. The larger the hole, the more air can pass through it, effectively creating a smoke explosion.There are three types of oral standards that connect to the device part: 510, 810, and other proprietary standards, and those with the same standard are interchangeable. There are also various materials such as metal, plastic, ceramic, and stone, and you can choose the one you prefer within the standard. When smoking explosives, drip tips tend to heat up easily, but heat buildup can be significantly reduced simply by avoiding metal drip tips.TankAs the name suggests, the tank is the part of the body that acts like a reservoir for storing liquid. There are two types of tanks: the top-fill type, in which liquid is injected from the top of the atomizer, and the bottom-fill type, in which liquid is injected from the bottom. The top-fill method is the most common because the latter requires the atomizer and battery to be disconnected to inject the liquid.It is made of transparent material to see the amount of liquid inside, and can be divided into two types: glass and resin. Both types have their merits and demerits. Glass is weak against impact but resistant to corrosion by liquid, while resin is strong against impact but may melt and corrode when menthol or citrus-based liquids are used.Air holeThe last part of the atomizer is the "air hole. It is a hole to take in air when inhaling the generated vapor. By adjusting the size of the hole, you can change the amount of vapor inhaled and the weight of the liquid flavor. As with the drip tip, the larger the air hole, the better the airflow and the easier it is to produce an explosive smoke. However, the larger the hole, the greater the vapor volume, but the lighter the flavor. Conversely, the smaller the hole, the less vapor is produced, but the flavor is heavier and more robust.Battery (MOD)The second structure of a disposable vape is the battery, which is the heart of the vape and sends electricity to the coils. There are two main types of vape batteries, although the shape varies depending on the type of device. Let's take a look at the two types of batteries, including details and differences.Technical MODThe first type of battery is called a "technical mod" battery. Technical mods are equipped with a mechanism that allows electrical control of the output, so they can be used with simple settings and can be safely handled even by beginners. The voltage and power are automatically set to match the atomizer, making it easy to customize the flavor and vapor content.Although it is often thought that "mechanical mods," another battery type, are the mainstream for smoking explosives, there are many high-performance, high-power technical mods suitable for smoking explosives, so we recommend technical mods for vape beginners who want to enjoy smoking explosives with peace of mind.Mechanical ModAnother type of "mechanical mod" is a battery that has no voltage or power control functions or safety devices, and is used only to energize the battery, so to speak. To customize the smoking comfort and vapor volume, the atomizer must be set up as well. If you do not understand the output of the battery and the resistance value for the atomizer, the battery may explode, so it is a battery for advanced users. The advantage of this battery is that it is compact without unnecessary functions and has a simple internal structure, so there is almost no risk of malfunction. However, depending on the settings, there is a risk of serious accidents, and it is said that most of the serious accidents that occur overseas are caused by these mechanical mods, so they are not recommended for beginners.

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