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E-cigarettes can be divided into two main types: heated cigarettes and vapes. In the past, heated cigarettes were so popular that they were temporarily out of stock, and the number of vape enthusiasts in Japan is said to be increasing day by day, partly due to the influence of foreign celebrities. In this paragraph, we will take a closer look at the different types of heated cigarettes and vapes and what specific products are available.Unlike heated cigarettes, vape is a product that uses a vaporized liquid called liquid that is specially flavored. This type of vape can be divided into four main types based on the shape and function of the device. The features of each type will be explained here.Box typeFirst, the box type is a relatively large type in which the battery part is shaped like a box. Box vape have a large battery capacity and can be used for a long time after being charged once. In addition, many models have high functionality and interchangeable parts, so this type is recommended for people who want to use their vape with particular care and carry it around for a long time.The flavor of vape liquid varies greatly depending on the wattage of the output. In addition, the appropriate output value for each varies depending on the volatility of the flavor and the viscosity of the liquid. With a box model, you can adjust the flavor of the liquid to your liking by changing the wattage and setting the appropriate value for each liquid. It is also possible to set a high output to produce a large amount of vapor, making it a good choice for those who like to smoke explosively. Some of the most popular box models include the Eleaf PICO COMPAQ, which offers high performance and meets the needs of both beginners and advanced smokers.Pen TypeThe pen-type vape is characterized by its slim, pen-like design and simple structure, making it easy for anyone to use. The advantage of the compact design is that it is easy to carry around, and many models are reasonably priced. However, the compactness of the body has the disadvantage of low battery capacity, making them unsuitable for long-time use. Considering the low initial cost, light weight, and ease of use, this type of vape is especially recommended for first-time vape users.In the case of pen-type vapes, most models are designed to be charged by inserting a microUSB cable. Pen models with built-in batteries have the advantage of a compact body, but it should be noted that the lithium-ion batteries used have a limited lifespan. The recommended use of pen-type devices is to use them with other types of devices according to TPO. In fact, some people who use a box-type device as their main device also use a pen-type device as a sub device. Typical pen-type models include the VAPORESSO Veco One, which has a leak-proof construction and is easy to carry.Stick typeStick-type vapes are small, lightweight, and portable, and are readily available at convenience stores, variety stores, drugstores, and other non-specialty e-cigarette stores. There are three types of stick-type vapes: liquid, cartridge, and disposable. The liquid type can be used while refilling the body with liquid. The advantage of this type of vape is that you can choose the liquid of your choice from a wide range of products available from various manufacturers. The next type is the cartridge type, in which the cartridge is replaced when the liquid is used up, which requires less maintenance than the liquid type. The advantages of the cartridge type include the fact that the machine is turned on by simply sucking on it and the availability of liquids that contain vitamins.The disposable type is a type of vape in which the entire body is replaced each time it is used up, and in this case, there is no need for any maintenance at all. They are very easy to use, as not only do they turn on just by vaping, but they also do not require recharging. However, since the built-in battery is disposed of separately, some have raised concerns about the difficulty of disposal methods and the impact on the environment. Some stick-type vape models can be used with Ploom TECH cigarette capsules, and are gaining popularity among Ploom TECH users. One recommended stick-type vape is the "COOL BLACK," a cartridge-type vape that uses a strong menthol liquid and delivers a throat-pounding sensation that has never been experienced with stick-type vapes before.Pod typeIn the pod type, the vape is used while replacing the cartridge called a POD vape, which has coils, cotton, drip tip, and other parts integrated into the vape. This is a popular type of vape that is becoming mainstream overseas because it eliminates the need to replace coils and clean atomizers, which many people find troublesome. Maintenance is very easy, as the entire POD can be replaced when the liquid is used up. The structure is simple, with no buttons on the body, and the auto-switch system is used to turn the power on just by sucking. Many products are available for around 2,000 to 3,000 yen, so they are easy to purchase, and you can find a product that you like from a variety of cute and friendly designs.Compared to other types, they tend to be compact in size and highly portable, but it should be noted that the battery capacity is low. As of February 2021, liquid-filled pods are the most popular type of vaporizer, and manufacturers are competing to offer new products.We especially recommend the VAPORESSO XROS, a starter kit that offers better performance than any other pod-type device to date. The "VAPORESSOTARGET (Target) PM30" is another hot-selling starter kit with serious features but at a low price. For those who want to start vaping more easily, we recommend the Aspire Minican. The Aspire Minican is priced at 2,200 yen (tax included) and produces just the right amount of vapor for beginners. The minimal size and fashionable design make it a good choice for people who care about fashion.

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