22 Jul

We would like to introduce some recommended nicsalt liquids with a high ratio of VG for the enjoyment of smoke explosions. The Koi-Koi series from the domestic brand "MKLab" is known for its high ratio of VG, and is marked by a label with a motif of Koi-Koi of Hanafuda (Japanese playing cards) and personification of each role. The packaging is also a tasteful liquid that can be enjoyed as interior decoration.Among the Koi-Koi series, "Rain Stream" and "Fog Stream" are especially popular as "max VG" liquids with a high ratio of VG to the limit, and the flavor does not skip even on sub ohms. The series also offers many other flavors, such as "Sanko," which changes in flavor depending on the wattage.Points to keep in mind when enjoying the big vaporWhile you can enjoy a large amount of smoke from a vape, there are a few things to keep in mind when enjoying the smoke from a vape. Be sure to follow the rules safely and correctly, and keep in mind how to smoke in a way that is pleasant for both you and those around you.Be careful when handling the device, as it tends to get very hot.Smoke explosives use a lot of electricity, so the device tends to get very hot. Therefore, you need to be careful not to burn yourself. While there is no problem during normal use, continuous use for long periods of time should be avoided, as the body tends to heat up easily. Also, if the mod part, rather than the atomizer part where the liquid is heated by the coil, is getting hot, there is a possibility of a malfunction, so you should refrain from using it in that case as well.Consider the effect on the surroundingsNaturally, it is important to remember to behave in a manner that is respectful of your surroundings. It is a fact that to the unknowing people around you, even if the vapor from a vape contains no nicotine, it can be just as repulsive as a cigarette. Even if the smoke from a vape is harmless, it should be smoked in a smoking area, just as with heated cigarettes and cigarettes. If you are using a vape for the first time, it is also important to test it at home to see how much smoke it produces.Use in shared institutions is prohibited. You should also be careful while driving or in the passenger seat of a running car. A large amount of smoke in a small space can reduce visibility and cause accidents. It is necessary to take measures such as opening windows to ventilate the area. However, if you open the window while driving and inhale the smoke from the explosion, you may startle cars following you.Purchase from a reliable store.Since most vape units are made overseas, you may sometimes be offered an inferior product. If you buy a vape only because of its low price, you may end up with a fake vape or one that is dangerous to use. Especially in the case of explosive smoking, which uses high power, it is very dangerous to do so with an inferior vape.The first step to enjoying a safe explosion is to purchase from a store that is reliable in quality, carries the vape manufacturer's authentic products, and has staff and other support available to help you.

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